Bhavana Coffee

November 2018 Dispatch

Bhavana Coffee is an importer dedicated to sourcing specialty coffee from Nepal while helping to create local jobs, improve infrastructure and create opportunities for Nepalese communities. Bhavana has a fascinating origin story that is too long to detail in this brief email, but we encourage you to visit their website and learn more about how founder Jennifer Lan has been inspired to connect the US market with this unique coffee growing region.

The Coffee

The coffee our subscribers received was a Bourbon varietal from the Nuwa Coffee Estate. This estate was started in 2007 by Bandi Nima Sherpa Tenzing, one of the few female entrepreneurs in Nepal. Nuwa is a leader in advancing the coffee industry in the region and has even started a foundation that has built over 4 schools in the area.Their coffee is shade grown using organic fertilizer and it is meticulously picked, pulped, and wet processed/fully washed. Grown at approximately 4,800 feet above sea level, this coffee had interesting notes of sweet and citrus flavors. In our tastings, we brewed this using both paper and stainless filters and found that each method allows the coffee to express different characteristics.