Loyal Coffee

October 2018

We were thrilled to feature Loyal Coffee as our inaugural roaster! They are a fantastic barista-owned and operated coffee company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The team at Loyal pride themselves on sourcing exciting coffee and roasting it with great care. Their cafe is bright and beautiful and you should definitely check it out if you ever find yourself in downtown CO Springs.

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Bhavana Coffee

November 2018

In November we featured a very special offering from Bhavana Coffee. They are an importer dedicated to sourcing specialty coffee from Nepal while helping to create local jobs, improve infrastructure and create opportunities for Nepalese communities. Bhavana has a fascinating origin story that is too long to detail in this brief email, but we encourage you to visit their website and learn more about how founder Jennifer Lan has been inspired to connect the US market with this unique coffee growing region.

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Apothecary Coffee Co.

December 2018

December's dispatch was a whole bean coffee from Apothecary Coffee Co. located in Georgetown, Texas. Roaster/Owner Garrett Hill specializes in offering fair trade and single-origin coffees from around the world. 

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Mariposa Coffee

January 2019

Our first roaster for 2019  came to you from Mariposa Coffee in Oklahoma City. Mariposa has been a darling of local coffee shops and retailers, but soon they will have a home base that you can visit and baristas you can chat up over a fresh cup. While their name will soon be changing, their commitment to responsibly sourced coffee will remain stedfast, and their unique approach to experiential coffee flavor profiles will no doubt remain intact as well. 

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Lost Sock Roasters

February 2019

February's coffee came to you from Lost Sock Coffee Roasters in Washington D.C. They are dedicated to developing outstanding coffee sustainably and devote time each day to carefully roasting the beans to accentuate the unique and desired flavors inherent in each coffee.

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